Straw Songs: Vol. 2 - Self​-​Prescribed Loneliness

by Jeff Straw

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Special thanks to Adam Bidwell, Luke Martin, and Cory Scott for their assistance with these songs. And thank you to anybody who takes the time to listen to them. You're the reason I do this.


released September 24, 2014



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Track Name: Nothing In This World
Born into this world to a small, unequipped girl.
She made her final cries before I breathed.
Now, my daddy I don't know,
But I've heard he's found a home.
There is nothing in this world I'm meant to keep.

Bounced from home to home
Like a puppy not condoned.
Climbed over every fence that I could see.
I never made a stand,
Because I had no roots to plant.
There is nothing in the world I'm meant to keep.

Abrupt change of plans:
A promise and a hand.
I married the only girl I thought I'd need.
But the winters got too hard,
And being poor left us both scarred.
There is nothing in this world I'm meant to keep.

Though you know I love you so,
That's a risk I can't condone.
You deserve to be treated like a queen.
Since he'll love you all his life,
Have him take you as his wife.
There is nothing in this world I'm meant to keep.
There is nothing in this world I'm meant to keep.
Track Name: Battle My Blues
Speak loudly and clearly if you want me to hear.
I'm filled with smoke and with substances way past my ears.
So, if you want to get through,
You'll have to battle my blues tonight.

My mind slowly sputters - each word that you spit.
This twirling and whirling that can't seem to quit.
For a man in my state
It's too much truth to take, alright?

You give me some water and tell me I'm fine.
"You got your friends and your family and most of all time.
Regardless your sins...
Don't let them win the fight."

There are disheartening textures when I close my eyes,
But your words slither through, and the cataracts subside.
I'm not sure what this means -
Been too weak to find my sight.

Please promise a palette of colors
To paint these blues against a sunny sky.
Track Name: Don't Be Cruel to Yourself
Don't be cruel to yourself
For being in love.
For caring too much.
I was a part of you.
Much more than you knew.
Much more than you'd choose.

Please, don't take offense.
We were angry, upset.
Still so much work left.
Pain consumes if unsaid.
It's worse in your head.
Please don't keep it fed.

You can hate me.
Think I'm crazy.
You're undeserving of this ache...

Don't be cruel to yourself
For giving your all.
Forgive all your faults.
We were right for a time.
But, as our thread unwinds,
We won't be left blind.