Sentimental With You

by Jeff Straw



You taste sweeter than cupcakes,
Glow more than a snowflake reflecting sun.
Thinking of you, my hands shake -
I know they do always, but not this much.

I'm who you come to when your heart feels heavy.
You're who I run to when I feel unsteady.

Though love is mostly fleeting,
I'm going to keep breathing just the same.
Pain comes only cause good love
Once vibrantly struck a heart so tame.

I don't care how long you'll stay by my side.
As of this moment, nothing's felt this right.

My doubt's always intruding;
This life is too confusing
And I'd like someone to help me through.
So, please don't be too judgmental
If I get sentimental with you.
Don't be too judgmental
If I get sentimental with you.


released February 14, 2017
Written, Arranged, and Produced by Jeff Straw.
Recorded by Jeff Straw and Cory Scott.
Mixed by Luke Martin.
Mastered by Jeff Straw

Cory Scott - Drums
Jeff Straw - Guitars, Keyboards/Synthesizers, Vocals, Programming



all rights reserved